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New Update !

  • Sound added
  • New song added

CONTROLS Keybord :

WASD : move

Space : Jump

X : Roll / Drop

c : Crouch

Ctrl + W : Push

CONTROLS Joystick :

A : Jump 

B : Drop

X : Crounch

Y : Roll 

Left button + Left Stick forward : Push 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Low-poly, Third Person, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)


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Temple Raider_MAC.zip 72 MB
Temple Raider_Linux.zip 76 MB


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This has been really fun figuring out the layout and the puzzles! You should definitely make more of these!

Super thankful that you made this! The character is really cute and I loved hopping and jumping around. The music was a delight.

Really the only negative thing here was that it was considerably short. Would love to see more!

Is it possible to have this for Android? Like port it to android

Hello thanks for playing :) I'm sorry but Temple Raider was not designed for mobile at all. We would have to redo the controls and the optimization and unfortunately it is not in my plans to continue working on this game.

Okay, it's fine with me btw i enjoyed playing your game 😁

Salut Dupat, je suis l'admin & webmaster de http://www.core-design.com/ , j'adore Temple Raider et je voulais savoir si tu serais d'accord de le voir en featuring sur notre site (nous avons une section dédiée aux fan games dans Community). Il s'agirait de créer une page dédié à ce jeu avec une description, des images, ton pseudo et un lien redirigeant sur cette page en gros. Je pense que pas mal de fans de Tomb Raider seraient ravis de découvrir ce jeu. :)

J'ai récemment ajouté Minimal Raider de hedgefield (avec son accord évidemment), voilà ce que ça donne (à titre d'exemple) : http://www.core-design.com/community_minimalraider.html

Au plaisir d'avoir une réponse de  ta part...  ;) Alex

Salut Alex , pas de soucis , tu peux utiliser Temple Raider , avec plaisir ;) 

Yeah, super! Je vais l'ajouter très prochainement alors. :)


nice vid , nice team , nice chanel ;)

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WoW, that was a great game give gameplay long bit but climbing and animation very nice.

I am either doing something wrong or the ctrl+w combi (or ctrl+any button) doesn't do anything :-/


do you use "Left Ctrl" well?

Excuse me, this game is made in Blender?

no, it is done with unity, I used probuilder and some asset for decoration

Felt very much like how I remember Tomb Raider as a kid. Thanks for making this, I loved it.


this is one of the best comment I can have, glad you liked it :)

This was really cool! I love the clean aesthetic of the environments, and it had a little bit of everything that makes Tomb Raider fun. 

Hey thank you, glad you liked it, is seeing your post on the rodrigo forum that I discovered this jam, so thank you very much for that too;)

That's awesome, glad you made this great little game :D


Sadly this seems to be a 64-bit game

this is a x86 & x64 bit game ;)

You mean version? are you sure?

Sure ^^ , doesn't work for you ?

It doesn't, All I've found is a 64-bit version


Strange I made a build for x86 and x64 ^ ^ soon I'll do an update with a build in x86 for you but also mac and linux ... and some fix :)

Hi! I just played the demo. It has captured the original TR feeling (ancient historic theme, locomotion, puzzles) very well! I'm curious about the future of this project!

oh thank you very much for this comment, glad you enjoyed the game

Ginger Lara Croft works, good work with this project. :)


Thank you for playing, and for the video :)

Really solid climbing mechanics and animations! The gameplay was a little slow, but it's impressive nonetheless! I do think some more sound and level design could go a long way in the overall atmosphere and polish of the game, but it's a great start!

Thank you for playing and for this video, glad that you liked it, I think correct and improve a lot of things in the future update :)