SANCTUM was made in 72h for the GameDevPartie#16 on the theme EVASION, we just tried to finish it in one week to make it presentable.

SANCTUM is an escape game. 

Trapped in the Sanctum you will have to solve these puzzles to escape.

Controls : 

Keyboard: WASD E interaction

Gamepad: A interactions

By Cissou, Fax, Dupat.

(Thanks to Blast for Belt sound)


SANCTUM a été réalisé en 72h pour la GameDevPartie#16 sur le theme EVASION, Nous avons simplement essayer de le terminer en une semaine pour le rendre présentable.

SANCTUM est un jeu du type escape game. 

Pris au piège au sein du Sanctum vous aurez a résoudre ces énigmes pour vous en échapper.

Controles : 

Clavier: WASD E interaction

Gamepad : A interactions

By Cissou, Fax, Dupat.

(Merci à Blast pour le son des cloches)

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsDupat, Fax37
TagsEscape Game

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Has anyone else had trouble with the game being super laggy? because for me it stutters and is borderline unplayable. I don't think it's my computer because I have 16 gigs of ram and a 3060.  If there is any way to fix this on my end I would really appreciate the help.

i got stuck on the final puzzle ;-;

Why there is no choice WASD in the game? It's nonsence to do ZQSD as default.

Hi and thanks for your feedback. The game was created during a French game jam in 1 week, and we haven't worked on it since. That's why the game is in ZQSD. However you can still use a controller to play it. I will try to add this option ;)

Thank you for reply!

It's sad to hear. I have not controller. If you will add WASD some time, please, leave a message in your feed about it :)

Sanctum is now in WASD by default  ;)

I can't believe you did it!
Thank you very much! :))

Very nice ambiance good enigm logic gameplay Noice Noice Noice !

Thanks !!